About Our beef

There’s a lot of difference between small farm raised beef and supermarkets meat. It has to do with the quality of life of the animals, respecting your food, and making conscious decisions.

Here at the farm we raise Holstein cows – the familiar black and white cows that are often associated with the dairy industry. Why Holsteins, instead of the bigger, specialty beef cattle? Well, Holsteins are dairy cattle but in order to have dairy, you need to have calves. So every year thousands of bull calves are born, some get culled and far too many of them are sold for veal. And the life of a veal calf is terrible.  

Until the time when we no longer dairy we will always have surplus in bull calves. But we don’t have to give these animals a terrible life.  As a small farm we can bottle feed our calves, give them names, and even wrap them in blankets if they get cold. We can let them run and eat what grass they like, feed them treats like apples and carrots, we can let them grow their horns.

We can give them a lot of good days and just one bad day. We can give them names and be sad and  be thankful. 

Holstein bull calves
Big, big boys


Holstein beef is very lean. A half-side usually includes: extra-lean Hamburger, Sirloin and Striploin steaks, T-bones, Porterhouse steaks and Rib steaks. Roasts include: sirloin, blade, and steak (a good pot roast). Steaks are cut to 1.5 inches. Hamburger is in 2lb packages, and 3-4 lbs of roasts. We can also provide on request: tongue, organ meats, and soup bones. There’s limited availability of small brisket and bags of tallow.


We are booking for pickup in August as we are sold out for June and July. We sell half sizes of beef, by the hanging weight provided by the abattoir. A half side ranges from 275-340. Our federally inspected local abattoir is a 15 minute drive to minimize the trip.

Our meat is inspected, stamped and labelled by a government inspector. It is packaged in butcher paper to maximize the freezer life. 



Provide you with quality, pastured beef that is hormone free. To give you the opportunity to eat your beef at a reasonable price. To give our animals good, healthy lives. 

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